What Is Ringette?

Ringette is an exciting, unique winter ice sport, played mainly by females but open to all and at all ages. Everyone gets to play on a team and everyone gets to play regardless of their skill or ability. Ringette is very inclusive.

Ringette, like basketball (but played on ice), is a non-contact sport. Players use a straight stick with a specially designed tip and a hollow rubber, blue ring. Ringette playing rules require players to pass the ring over each blue line in order to advance the play, creating excellent team participation.

Ringette is played across Canada from the Northwest Territories to Prince Edward Island. BC Ringette boasts local leagues and associations on Vancouver Island, throughout Lower Mainland, the Thompson-Okanagan and Northern BC. Internationally, Ringette is played in Finland, the United States, Sweden, France and the United Arab Emirates with teams being formed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.



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Ontario Ringette is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone participating in the sport of ringette.

Ontario Ringette recognizes the increased awareness of Concussions and their long-term effects and believes that prevention of Concussions is paramount to protecting the health and safety of Participants.

Positive Space

The ORA supports and promotes a Positive Space within the sport of Ringette.

For more information, please visit www.caaws.ca


Timmins Tornadoes U19A - Team Ontario Wins Gold!

Team Ontario finished the round robin with a 4-1 record, tied for first with Nova Scotia. ‎Tie breaking rules saw NS get the bye, and Ontario had to play a semi final against Quebec. The Semi-final game was hard fought and teams were tied at 2 going into the final minutes of the game. Alexie Trudel found the back of the net and put Ontario ahead with 3 minutes remaining, and they were able to hang on for the win. ...Read More

U16AA Provincial Silver Medallist Mississauga Mustangs!

At the beginning of the season, 16 girls came together as a team with a goal of finishing top 3 at provincials. The girls and coaches, with the support of the parents, worked hard all season as a team. The countless hours of practices, games, tournaments, power skating, spin classes, etc. paid off! We finished ranked 3rd going into Provincials. At provincials, we played 6 hard fought round robin games and one of the longest games in ORA history.... a ...Read More

U16AA Ontario Bronze Medal Winners Central Whitby Sharks!

Introducing the U16AA Ontario Bronze Medal Winners Central Whitby Sharks! This team is headed back to Canadian Ringette Championships next week and on the hunt for a medal this year! Congratulations & Good Luck! @CRC2018Winnipeg #ringette #Ontario #ON3 #hardwork #teamwork #elite

Catriona Le May Doan explains why she loves Ringette!

Ontario Ringette Promotional Videos have launched and we could not be prouder of how they turned out! Now it's up to all of us to spread the word! Thank you, Catriona Le May Doan for taking the time to share your story and your love of the sport of ringette! Check out Video 1 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSpveMDPsu8&t=5s