MED For Coaches

Make Ethical Decisions (MED) For Coaches:  Requirements And Instructions For Coaches

In accordance with Ringette Canada and The National Coaches’ Certification Program (NCCP) Requirements, all coaches must become MED certified. Becoming MED Certified involves completing a MED Training Module and then completing an online evaluation. MED training modules are available through the Coaches Association Of Ontario. Once the module is completed, coaches can complete the online evaluation at MED Online Evaluation.

All Coaches must complete their MED Certification by November 1st of the current playing season.

Completing the MED Online Evaluation

In order to complete the MED online evaluation, go to ‘eLearning’ under ‘My Locker’ on the Coaching Association of Canada website (

In order to login, you will need both an NCCP# and a password.

If you have neither your NCCP# nor a password, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field and click on ‘look up my NCCP#’.  If the e-mail address you enter matches the one that Coaching Association of Canada has on file for you from when you registered for your coaching clinic, the system will automatically send your NCCP# to your e-mail. Once you have your NCCP#, return to the same login screen and click on ‘retrieve my password”. Again, your password will then be e-mailed to you.

If at any point in the process a message to call or e-mail Coaching Canada comes up, simply send an email to Coaching Association of Canada coach services at, provide your full name and birthdate and the date you completed an NCCP clinic and ask for your NCCP# and a password to enable you to complete the MED online evaluation.

Coaching Association of Canada normally gets back to you within a few business days. (Note: Coaching Association of Canada’s system automatically sets up an account and an NCCP# for you when you take a coaching clinic, so please do not click on ‘Don’t have an account? Create one now!’ as this will create a second account.)

Once you have an NCCP# and a password, return to the eLearning login page and login.

Upon successful completion of the online evaluation, your MED Certification will automatically be recorded on your CAC coaching transcript.

In order to have it recorded on your Ringette Canada profile you need to log into your RC profile and mark as give credit, it will then be updated within 48 hours.