Scores and Rankings

Provincial “A”, “AA” and U12 Tournament Information

The below tournament results will be being utilized for stats sheets. All bench staff is required to ensure information is accurate and immediately email your G&T co-ordinator.  All communications regarding results and stats, including out of province games, are handled by the regional G&T coordinator, not the O.R.A. *Scores and Rankings will be posted after the first weekend of tournaments.

2018-2019 Provincial A Team Tournament Information

A Tournament Assignments

The above is the “Work in Progress” version of the “Provincial A Team Tournament Selection Chart”. Teams will attend tournaments as currently scheduled. If a team wishes to add a tournament, they should refer to the posted chart, find a tournament that can accommodate additional teams and contact the host.

  • U14A Scores
  • U16A Scores
  • U19A Scores
  • 18+A Scores
  • 18+Uni Scores

“A” Rankings

  • U14A Ranking Chart
  • U16A Ranking Chart
  • U19A Ranking Chart
  • 18+ A Ranking Chart
  • 18+ U Ranking Chart

For Regional Representative Formula click here:

2018-2019 Provincial AA Team Tournament Information

All ‘AA’ level teams wishing to compete in the Provincial event must meet the 4-tournament requirement, two of which must be outside of the region in two different regions. Only the results from one game between any two given teams will count towards rankings, regardless of how many times the two teams meet. The game that counts will be identified prior to the beginning of the tournament.

AA Tournament Assignments

AA Ranking Games – matrix identifying games that will count towards ranking for each tournament.  

2018-2019 “AA” Drawboards

  • U14AA Drawboard
  • U16AA Drawboard
  • U19AA Drawboard
  • 18+AA Scores
  • 18+AA Ranking Chart

2018-2019 U12 Provincial Tournament Information

  • U12 Tournament Assignments
  • U12 Scores