Competition Introduction Evaluations

How To Request a Competition Introduction Evaluation:

Coach: Log into your account on the Ringette Canada Coaching Site at:

Before you can complete the CI Evaluation you must have completed one of the following options:

  • Competition Introduction 1 & 2 Clinics and the Make Ethical Decision (MED) Module and MED Online Evaluation
  • Coach Initiation in Sport eModule, Competition Introduction Clinic and the Make Ethical Decision Module and MED Online Evaluation

If they do not show a green checkmark, but you have completed the requirements, please send an email to the ORA Technical Director at

Once the requirements have been completed, you can check the ‘begin’ button beside “Competition Introduction Component 10 – Competition Introduction Evaluation”.

This will automatically send an email to the ORA Technical Director, who will forward the request to our Coach Evaluators, one will then be assigned to you and communicate to you directly. You should receive an email from an evaluator within a reasonable timeframe (7 to 10 days).

You must provide a cheque or etransfer in the amount of $100 to the ORA office prior to your on-ice evaluation session.

*For etransfer please send to ed@ontario-ringette and send a follow-up email with the password.


  • Please contact the ORA Technical Director if you encounter any issues with this process
  • In order to complete Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation, please see “MED for Coaches” for complete instructions