Injury Information


Make sure you are ready before stepping back on the ice!
Injuries are a part of every sport and beyond our control but returning to sport is a decision every player must make on their own. Hopefully the information provided will help players and coaches make the right choice.

Head Injuries:

Coaches and parents check out the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool to see if your player is ready to get back onto the ice.

Safety first, especially when it comes to the head.


Sports Nutrition

Canada’s Food Guide
In order for our players to grow and develop into great athletes they need to be eating a well balanced diet and stay hydrated!

Coaches and parents check out what Canadian Food Guide’s recommends the Canadian Food Guide to make sure your player has the energy to succeed.

Coaches Association of Canada Nutrition Resources

Check out the CAC website to get some great tips and resources to ensure that athletes and coaches have the most up-to-date information on nutrition CAC Nutrition Resources