2017-2018 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program

Details on the 2017-2018 program are not available at this time, a notice will be sent out once the program is re-launched.



2016-2017 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program

Final List of Ontario Card Nominations Announced!

Ontario Ringette Association is pleased to announce a list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2016-2017 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Ontario Ringette Association, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

Jacqueline Gaudet
Sydney Granger
Kelsey Youldon
Kaitlyn Youldon
Abby Richardson
Sarah-Lynne Begin
Chantal Gauthier
Erica Voss
Molly Lewis
Erin Markle
Amy Kolesnik
Emily Ferguson
Emily McQuoid
Hilary Davidson

Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so through the following process.

  1. By January 23, 2017, athlete asks Ontario Ringette Association for reasons explaining why they were not nominated for an Ontario Card.
  2. Ontario Ringette Association responds to athlete by January 26, 2017
  3. If the athlete is not satisfied with the Ontario Ringette Association response, the athlete may submit a Notice of Appeal, found below. A Notice of Appeal will only be accepted from the athlete or their parent/guardian on the MTCS-provided template (typed or hand-printed, no hand-written entries) through email, regular post, registered mail, courier or delivered in person.  One appeal cannot be written on behalf of multiple athletes.  The Notice of Appeal must be received by MTCS by noon on January 30, 2017.  Appeals that are delivered personally or by courier shall be deemed to be received on the date of delivery.

How does it work?

The Sport and Recreation Branch, of the Ministry of Health Promotion, have allocated a certain amount of OAAP Ontario Cards to each eligible Provincial Sport/Multi-Sport Organization (PSO/ MSO).

In accordance with the OAAP guidelines the Ontario Ringette Association is responsible for forming a Selection Committee and sport specific selection criteria to nominate the athletes for Ontario carding status. Please see the following documents for more information on the guidelines and selection criteria:

How Much Funding Is Available?

The exact level of funding for the 2016-2017 carding year will be determined by the Ministry after the total number of athletes nominated for Ontario Card status has been determined and the total funding has been confirmed.

How Are Athletes Selected For Ontario Cards?

To apply for an Ontario Card athletes must complete and submit the following by December 11, 2016 to the ORA office.

Please complete the appropriate application form for your age group:

The Ontario Ringette Selection Committee will use the posted selection criteria to determine which athletes will be nominated. Should there be any ties a tie breaking procedure will be used to determine the nominated athlete(s). For details on the tie breaking procedure please review this document:

Ontario Ringette will publish the DRAFT list of nominated athletes by January 19, 2017.
Athletes wanting to appeal must their PSO for explanation of why they were not nominated by January 23, 2017.

PSO will send written response to any athlete who requested with details of why they were not nominated by January 26, 2017.

Any athlete still wanting to appeal must submit “Athlete Notice of Appeal Template” to MHPS by noon on January 30, 2017.

PSO will respond by February 2, 2017 by noon, athlete then has until February 6, 2017 to complete and return “Athlete’s Reply Template” to MHPS and athletes will be notified of the status of their appeal by February 24, 2017.

The Ministry of Health Promotions will finalize the list of carded athletes by
February 24, 2017.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the program, please contact Karla Xavier at tech@ontario-ringette.com.