TRF Adjustment Form

NOTE: This process is not intended to build a team's calibre but to maintain a minimum team's roster size.nnAnd to avoid any last minute cancellations that may result in expenses to the Host or team.
  • Team Information

  • 'Not Participating' Section

  • 'Player Substitution' Section

  • Substitution Rules from ORA Operating Manual, G&T Section for U19 and below and 18+A/A Jacks and Adult Section for 18+/35+.

    APPROVALS: All substitutions for players in games must be approved by your Regional G&T Coordinator for 18+A, U19AA and below and by your Regional ADP Coordinator for 18+BB and below prior to the tournament beginning or must be approved by the Host Regional G&T Coordinator/ADP Coordinator during the tournament in case of emergency.

    U19 and Below and 18+A/ A Jacks Registered Players:

    U19A Registered players may substitute in only 1 tournament per season.
    18+A/A Jacks registered players may substitute in 2 tournaments per season.
    (Goalies exempt for all).

    Up to four (4) substitute players in total per tournament
    Can chose either/or:

    • Same age division or lower, same calibre or less – no lateral substitutions for AA ranking games
    • One calibre higher only, one age division lower

    18+ registered players (BB/B/CC/C/Dev):

    Players may substitute in two (2) tournaments per season.
    Up to four (4) substitute skaters per game in a tournament
    All players may only play for one (1) team in same tournament.

    35+ Registered Teams:

    Can have substitutions to a maximum of 13 skaters

    Must choose from the appropriate age, same caliber or lower

    NOTE: Each substitute must replace a player on the TRF

    Substitutions to a maximum of 12 skaters for all except 35+ registered teams
    The team roster cannot increase in size due to substitutes, except for 35+ registered teams